What is The Success Center?

Our History: How PPM Global was Established


PPM Global was established in 2008 by its founder, Dr. Paula A. Price. Although it has only been incorporated for a short time, PPM Global is an outgrowth of Dr. Price’s twenty-five years of ministry and professional experience. Our products and resources have been penetrating the Christian market since 1991 with Dr. Price’s freshman publication, Constructing the Contemporary Prophet. A self-published work, Constructing emerged on the scene with a bang, showing up at conferences, classrooms, and countertops across the United States and abroad. This instructional manual quickly became a sought after answer to one of the largest information deficits in mainstream Christian teaching at the time. It answered how one can become a prophet, not just prophesy or operate a spiritual gift. The book’s most complimented feature is its practical, step-by-step approach to guiding Christians who feel called to this position in the church better understand the prophet’s office. As Constructing the Contemporary Prophet gained momentum, the release of God’s Apostle Revived ultimately established Dr. Price fully as the apostolic and prophetic expert she is known as today.


God’s Apostle Revived was quickly picked up by many church leaders and used as the primary resource ministries turned to in order to understand apostleship. There was very little out on the subject at the time. Frankly, back then not too many books spelled out in rich detail how to operate as a prophet or an apostle in the church. These two works accelerated Dr. Price’s rise as a fresh, new apostolic and prophetic voice. These were joined by other groundbreaking works such as Church Prophets, which went on to become The Prophet’s Handbook, and the text unsurpassed in its genre, The Prophet’s Dictionary. The combined sales of both books topped 50,000 copies and put Dr. Price’s resources on the global map. Her publications are now sold in stores in all fifty states and in over thirty different nations. Their widespread success gave the first clue that her work was more than popular, it was valuable. That recognition led to the birth of PPM Global Resources. The second clue sealed it with Dr. Price’s innovative tool to help people discover their specific ministerial or professional occupation, called the Standardized Ministry Assessments. Truly, these were a witty-invention.

As a resource company, it is PPM Global’s desire to serve as a supplemental aid and support for ministry organizations, Christian individuals, and Christian professionals. Our aim is to help Christians achieve their purpose and vision. Our goal is to form a one-on-one partnership with our customers and clients to help B.E.T.T.E.R. their professional and ministerial life. The acronym using the word “better” is deliberate. It stands for: Build, Enable, Treat, Teach, Educate, and Restore.


Our company wants Christians to be the best at what they do, and to see that the Lord has the best of the best in His service whenever possible. These two desires voice our company motto that says: “If God has called you to it, we want to help you do it. Your success is our passion.” This statement epitomizes our purpose as a company, sets the pace for how we operate, and declares what we aim to achieve as a company in the lives of each person, ministry or business that partners with us in their destiny pursuits.


The Success Center is a collaborative full service wholistic life care and soul treatment agency equipped to provide qualified support for personal, professional, ministerial and spiritual advancement. We offer integrated life care and soul treatment programs using our unique teach-talk-touch system to coach, advise, and rehabilitate our clients to ultimate life success. We call it our B.E.T.T.E.R. program. It stands for Build, Enable, Treat, Teach, Educate, Restore. Services offer regular 60-minute sessions with a certified trained practitioner that specializes in your area of need. Each service provides exclusive prayer assistance and intervention along with a customized life care plan. We are your committed partners and destiny specialist. Your success is our passion!

A Dream Realized: The Standardized Ministry Assessments


The journey of the Standardized Ministry Assessments began in 2002 as Dr. Price answered yet another deficit in Christian ministry. She noticed during her then seventeen years of ministry service that there was no tangible, objective and systematic way to evaluate the competency of today’s church ministers. Sure, there were plenty of assessment tools designed to tell individuals their personality type, leadership style, spiritual gift, and generic purpose, but nothing existed to evaluate comprehensively a present or future minister’s compatibility, knowledge, and capability to function as a competent minister. She had gained, through many years of research for her publications, an in-depth knowledge of what key Bible ministers in the Lord’s service possessed that enabled them to fulfill their assignments for the Lord successfully.


With that information, Dr. Price invented an assessment series that took Bible ministers’ core attributes and requirements and created insightful questions that tell assessees how God created them to serve His kingdom. The assessments’ primary objective is to identify modern ministerial candidates who are most compatible with the biblical standards and criteria. Additionally, they explore and report on the type of ministry service an assessee is most likely to fit in the kingdom and the level of service he or she is most likely to perform. Lastly, assessees are evaluated on their potential service outcomes, how and what they will produce in the lives of the people they serve. Overall, the assessments give Christians answers to some tough questions they may have about their own callings and their followers, if they are leaders. For instance, in regards to their followers, many Christians can find out if they are effective in their followers’ lives. Others can learn if those who serve them are the best ones to help achieve God’s purpose for their lives. They can find out if the ministers under them are integrious, if they will fall into temptations, and if they are capable of stewarding their eternal salvation.

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