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Meet Our Service Providers

Our ordained, certified and licensed professionals are ready to take you through your coaching or mentorship journey. As prophetic, apostolic mentors, our professionals differ from industry coaches in that they provide key insight into We provide high-quality top-notch service with a proven track record of success. 

Get to know our professionals and their specialties by hovering over their image. Click the link to their websites to learn more. 

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Our Mentorship and Advisory Team


Dr. Tala Price, Chief Prophet

COO PPM Global Resources

Website: www.talaprice.com

Dr. Ashleigh Claytor, Apostle

Executive Assistant, PPM Global Resources

Website: www.doctorashleigh.com


Dr. Ulf Spears, Regional Prophet

NW Prophetic Ed, Price University

Dr. Adia Peterson, Regional Prophet

Admissions Director, Price University

Website: www.raisingsamuel.com


Apostle Sally Chaney, NEAR Council

Prophet Angela Nyameba,

NEAR Global Prophetic Company


PIT Maude McCullough, Licensed Counselor

We're Growing! We'll soon be adding these professionals to our team: 

Prophet Tamira Alexander

P.I.T. Norma McDaniel

Dr. Lisa Thompson