Summary of Services

Choose a Coaching Program:

Programs provide continuous coaching and advisement services based on your needs. 

Consultation (2 Sessions)

Receive an introductory consultation from a trained and certified coach, mentor, advisor or counselor to discover how PPM Global can assist with your personal, professional or spiritual growth and development. These sessions are perfect for those looking for basic counseling support, trying a service like this for the first time, or want determine which one of PPM Global's Integrated Life & Soul Treatment Plans would best suit their needs. This starter program includes: 

  • Two, 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Program Recommendations from Coach/Advisor


Coaching Basics (3 Sessions)

Coaching Advanced (6 Sessions)

Prophetic Treatment (9 Sessions)

Mentorship (12 sessions)

Soul Rehabilitation Therapy (18 sessions)

Crisis Intervention (24 sessions)

Life Rehabilitation (36 sessions)

Schedule a Single Prophetic Advisement Session:

No-obligation, single session advisements are available. Sessions are scheduled by length/time and may be booked with the professional of your choice.

Prophetic Advisement Session Options:

  • 15-minute session

  • 30-minute session

  • 45-minute session

  • 60-minute session

Prophetic Advisement Pricing​ 

Prophetic Advisement sessions are billed at a rate of $1.99/minute. A 30-minute Prophetic Advisement

Sessions Include:

60-Minute Teach-Talk-Touch

Prayer and Intercession

Strategy and Counsel

Instruction and Empowerment

Accountability and Action

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